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World Neem Organisation

1On the suggestion of Neem fraternity at the First GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR (GNTF) 2016, in Mumbai an idea of a World Neem Organisation (WNO) was floated and conceptualized. World Neem Organisation was incorporated on 12th May 2017, as ‘Not for Profit Company’ under Section 8 Company of India. Mumbai is the head quarter of World Neem Organisation (WNO). .

World Neem Organisation is be a common forum of all interested Neem enthusiasts, investigators, partners, and workers with a view to pool and synergize their expertise, knowledge, and resources. World Neem Organisation is coordinating among all stakeholders for the promotion of Neem. World Neem Organisation therefore works as a highly collaborative, flexible, and open-ended action group for the benefit of mankind and posterity. For all the associates and coalition partners, World Neem Organisation is providing a platform to share the experience and knowledge resources to mobilize people and promoting Neem activities across the Globe.

Since 16th November 2017 World Neem Organisation became Participant of the United Nations Global Compact. It has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

"The birthright of all living things is health!"

This law is true for soil, plant, animal and man: the health of these four is one connected chain!

Any weakness or defect in the health of any earlier link in the chain is carried on to the next and succeeding links, until it reaches the last, namely, man!

The widespread vegetable and animal pests and diseases, which are such a bane to modern agriculture, are evidence of a great failure of health in the second (plant) and third (animal) links of the chain!

The impaired health of human populations (the fourth link) in modern civilised countries is a consequence of this failure in the second and third links!

This general failure in the last three links is to be attributed to failure in the first link, the soil: the undernourishment of the soil is at the root of all!

The failure to maintain a healthy agriculture has largely cancelled out all the advantages we have gained from improvements in hygiene, in housing, and medical discoveries!

To retrace our steps is not really difficult once we set our minds to the problem!

If we are willing to conform to natural law, we shall rapidly reap the reward not only in a flourishing agriculture, but in the immense asset of an abounding health in ourselves and in our children’s children!

-Sir Albert Howard (1945)