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Fourteen Core Founding Members are the Governing Council of the World Neem Organisation and represent the different geographies, namely, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas, Europe, Canada and Middle East.

The present structure of the World Neem Organisation

Dr. B. N. Vyas

founder member & president

He is PhD in Chemistry. Ex-Vice President, Godrej Agro vets Ltd.; Executive Director NEEM WAVE EXHIBITIONS LLP, Mumbai; Director Godrej Agro vet Ltd. ; President, Indian Association of Plant Growth Products; Managing Committee Member, Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India; Vice Chairman, Neem Foundation, Mumbai. Holds 16 patents on various products, including Neem based plant protection products, Neem based fertilizer efficiency enhancer, Plant growth regulators, Microbial herbicides and natural product wound healing agents, in India, USA, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil. He is recipient of several awards including Fertilizers Association of India’s Dhiru Mukherjee Memorial Award for best article in Fertilizer News; ICICI Technology of the Year Award, 1999, by National Chemical Research Laboratory’s Research Foundation, Pune. He is Fellow of the American Biographical Institute; Member, Advisory Board – School of Agri Business Agricultural Sciences of the Fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi. General Programme Secretary of the World Neem Conference, NEEM 2002 held at Mumbai, India.

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Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii

founder member & general secretary

She is PhD, N.D. & FICCM. Research Co-coordinator for Industry and University Research Collaborator Scheme of CSIR, Mumbai University (1993-1997). Technical Consultant and Partner to M/s M.L.Khanna and Associates Tissue Culture and Horticulture Project at Panvel, Mumbai (1993-1995). Sr. Research Scientist M/s. Transport Corporation of India’s Biotech Project (1991-1993); Consultant Tissue culture and Agriculture/Horticulture projects, Panvel, Mumbai (1993-1997). Head, Plant Tissue Culture Lab at the Centre for Biotechnology, National Dairy Development Board, Mumbai (1989-1993). Consultant to Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board, Pune for Floriculture, Tissue Culture and Green house projects and training programs(1993-1997). Chairperson Advisory Board, Neem Foundation, Mumbai. She is the owner of Neem Skin Care Clinic, Mumbai. She is the Managing Director, Neem Wave Exhibitions LLP, Mumbai. She is Scientific collaborator with M&M Biotechnology, Portugal. She was a columnist of “Green Power” column of Times of Oman, Oman, Freelance writer PDO NEWS ,a magazine published by Petroleum dept. of Oman and Tribute, a prime magazine published by Apex Publication, Oman(1997-2002).

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Dr. Neem Hakim

founder member, vice president & regional director asia(except india)

He is a PhD from WIU (USA). He is the founder chairman of Bangladesh Neem Foundation (BNF), International Centre for Integrated Herbal Research and Development (ICIHRD), Neem Organic Ltd and Permatherapy Healing Centre Ltd. He has started Neem movement locally and globally from 1987. He has written many books on medicinal plants and herbal products and has his own Herbal Pharmacopeia. His pioneering works are- Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Processing and uses, Catalogue of the Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh, Neem Cultivation, Processing and Uses and 9 Most Precious Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh. He has developed the largest Medicinal Plants Gene Bank in Bangladesh. He has attended more than hundreds of national and international seminars, symposiums and conferences. He is the initiator of Herbal World Global Exhibition and Conference and has formed Natural Products Association of The World (NPAW).He is the Inventor of PERMATHERAPY- The ultimate healing method which is known as “The Permanent Therapy” a new medical Science in the history.

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Dr.Venkatesh Devanur

founder member & vice president

Owner, SOM Phytopharma (India) Limited, CEO - Agri Life, SOM Phytopharma (India) Limited. He believes soil and crop health are to be addressed in holistic approach. His area of research and production is to commercialise inputs for sustainable agricultural practices. Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Bio Stimulants and other natural inputs for soils, crops, animals and environment are of his interest. He is associated with Koppert Biological Systems BV, The Netherlands and have a Joint Venture Company "Koppert Sustainable Solutions (India) Limited in Hyderabad, India. He is a co-founder and Secretary of Bio-Agri Inputs Producers Association (BIPA) in India. He is a Core Committee Member of National Committee on Biotechnology (Agri) in Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He has been invited to speak in various international and National conferences on Agri Biologicals.

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Mr.Girish Soman

founder member & treasurer

He is Founder and CEO at Nisarga Biotech, Satara, India holds a Masters of Technology degree. Eager to build a network of sustainable business partners around the world for Organic Agriculture and Ayurvedic medicines. He is working in this field for last 18 years leading a start up from the front. Believe in fusion of modern technology and holistic wisdom. Developed several new technologies and filed patents. He has created more than six successful companies in the botanical industry and excels in leading them in sustained profitability. He is Chairman of the Board for NuAxon Biosciences makers of Intelligent Tree Botanicals, Rebel Herbs, and NuAxon Bioscience Premium Extracts. His technical expertise and business acumen have made him the head of the several multimillion dollar enterprises in India.

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Mr.Milan Mehta

founder member & regional director (west region india)

First class Distinction Chemical Engineer completed Management training & three years stint with GSFC Ltd, India’s Integrated Fertilizer and Petrochemical Complex in INDIA. He is the Managing Partner Rym Exports and Face of the Company. He is a contract manufacturer of various Neem products. He represents Manufacturers of genuine Neem products keeping in view that quality is never compromised and quantity of the same are assured.

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Dr. R. C. Saxena

founder member & senior advisor  

He received MS from University of Hawaii and PhD from Delhi University. Ex senior principal scientist at The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Kenya; Co-ordinator UNEP-Finland Neem Awareness Project for Sub-Saharan Africa; Ex member of The National Academy of Science, Washington, DC BOSTID Review Panel on Neem; Senior consultant for economic development and marketing research Chairman of Neem Foundation, Mumbai. His work featured in "Spirit of Enterprise: The Rolex Awards 1996," in "The 1998 and 2000 Dubai International Awards for Improving the Living Environment," “The Blue Planet Heroes” (National Geographic Channel, Jul 2000), and recently on BBC (Apr 2006). . He has published more than 300 scientific papers and guided 35 research scholars. His research featured in several press releases and TV documentaries. In 2001, The Yunnan Guangming Neem Industry in China appointed him as senior consultant for economic development and marketing research.

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Dr. Rathindra Baral

founder member & regional director (north region, india)

He is a PH. D, Senior Scientific Officer, I Grade & Head, Department of Immunoregulation and Immunodiagnostics, with Chittraranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata, India. Member Indian Association of Cancer Research, Mumbai, Physiological Society of India, Calcutta; Society of Biological Chemists, Bangalore ; European Society of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, Greece ; American Association for Cancer Research; Reviewer of Extramural Projects from Indian Council of Medical Research, India; Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, India. His field of Specialization: Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. To his credit Book Chapters: 4; Reviews: 3; Original Articles: 54; Patent: 1. Supervised no of Ph Ds, and other short term 67 projects.

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Dr. S. Nagini

founder member, chief scientific coordinator & regional director (south region, india)

Professor with the Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu. She is PhD in Biochemistry from Cancer Research Institute, Chennai, University of Madras, 1989. She taught Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Genomics, Techniques, and Clinical Biochemistry, besides fundamental Biochemistry and Biotechnology. She is responsible for framing the syllabus for M.Sc. Biochemistry & Biotechnology (2-years) and M.Sc. Biotechnology (5-year Integrated) programme. Life Member, Indian Association for Cancer Research (IACR); Life Member, Environmental Mutagen Society of India (EMSI); Life Member, Society of Biological Chemists, India (SBC); Editorial Board Member with Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, Bentham Publ; Commonwealth Award for University Teachers 1997-1998; DBT National Young Woman Bio scientist Award 2002 and Annamalai University Best Researcher Award 2007. She holds Diploma in French, University of Madras, 1981 as well as Certificate in Russian, First Class with Distinction, All India Institute of Russian Languages, 1979. Till date she has published 4 books, chapters in three edited books and 160 research papers.

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Dr. Joaquim Morgado

founder member, chief scientific coordinator & regional director (europe & middle east)

He is a Portuguese and an expert in Advanced Oral surgery and Odonto Facial Orthopaedics’. He practice in a private clinic in Porto and Figueira da Foz since 1988. University lecturer of the CESPU between 1991-1997. Core member of INTERNATIONAL NEEM research since 1992. Guest lecturer of formation DU-Paul Sabatier Toulouse, France – in Portugal since 2010. Founding member of the OSTEEM study group-Portugal since 2011. Coordinator of the research group of medicinal plants since 2009 ESTSP – OPorto University. Clinical Director of CMDI ( 1990 – 2012). Member of International NEEM Research Organization –Mozambique/ Malawi since 1996. Managing Partner of MSM Lda since 2008. Scientific Director of research Protocol – MM Biotech - I.P.P. Instituto Politécnico do Porto since 2009. Founding Partner and Manager of the Natu Neem International.Scientific Director and member of the MM Biotechnology since 2009. Founding Partner and Manager 4Lab4You GmbH Austria. Senior Chief Scientist of NEEM CO2 super critical extracts applications on oncologic model cells since 2013.

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Mr.Brian Willams

founder member, advisor & regional director (oceania)

Following a successful career in banking and finance, together with my co-founder Carol, who owned a successful retail chain in Sydney, we formed Neeming Australia Pty Ltd. This was a brand new entity expressly formed for the purpose of promoting Neem in Australia. We began the enterprise by selling local Neem Trees and imported cosmeceutical (from the USA). Carol soon realized that we could make better quality products locally and we began local manufacture of a range of Personal Care as well as Pet & Animal products. We now manufacture 300 items which are distributed and sold throughout Australia and the business is expanding on a continuing basis. This growth has been achieved despite very restrictive controls by the Therapeutic Foods Administration (TGA - Human products) and the APVMA (Pet and Agricultural authority) proving that the people actually want more natural products in their lives. We are so pleased with the reception of our products in our local market that we are now planning to go global.

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Mr.Aasit Shah

founder member & regional director (africa)

Managing Director Organix Limited (Kenya) Company dealing with environmentally friendly agricultural inputs only mainly in Neem based products. Sales & IT Manager Dharamshi Lakhamshi & Co. Kenya Ltd. (Kenya) (1995 – 1997). IT Manager, Dalco International Ltd. (England) (1994 – 1995). Although an economist by profession, there was always a keen interest in natural alternatives as from a young age; Neem was widely used in our house. This led to the establishment of Organix Limited in 1998, a company dealing only in environment friendly, biodegradable and non- toxic agricultural products. Dr. Vyas from Godrej guided and nurtured us on how to develop and register “Achook”, a neem based insecticide and Nematicide for agricultural use in Kenya. Our close association with Dr.Vyas connected us with the world of neem. Over the years, the passion for natural products has led to developing a market for a range of botanicals for crop protection.

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Mr.Fernando Morais

founder member & regional director (south europe, mozambique and angola)

He got Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He is Winner of several academic awards. He is a Senior Designer in Civil Engineering and Works Manager with Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures. He is an expert in Fire Safety of Buildings and Thermal Performance of Buildings. He is a legal expert in Building Energy Certification. Research Assistant (since 2008) to determine the contribution of Neem extracts to heal skin wounds on humans and animals; Founding Partner and COO OF THE Natu Neem International. COO and Core member of the M&M Biotechnology since 2009. Designing Neem Business Projects or Trials (since 2011) laid over large mass of Neem trees in Africa and Middle East (Mozambique, Angola, United Arab Emirate among others countries); Making Field Trials (since 2013) in order to introduce the Neem tree in South Europe, starting from Portugal.

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Mr Klaus Ferlow

founding member & regional director (north america, germany, united kingdom, and the scandinavian countries)

Klaus Ferlow, German-Canadian, born March 1, 1938 in Tilsit/East Prussia, today Russia, author, Honorary Master Herbalist (HMH), Dominion Herbal College, Herbal Advocate (HA), Canadian Herbalist's Association of B.C., member of the Health Action Network Society, National Health Federation, Neem Foundation & World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, India and other organizations. He is the founder of Ferlow Botanicals, www.ferlowbotanicals.com and NEEM RESEARCH, www.neemresearch.ca, author of over 70 educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition being published in print in health and women's magazines worldwide and online, co-author of the book "7steps to dental health" and author of the book "Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity."

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