We welcome you to Bombay
We hope you have a pleasant stay.
There's much to do and much to see
So please do go on a visiting spree.
But if you want to talk of Neem
We've put in place the greatest team.
Who needs a chemical revolution
When we have natural evolution ?
For in its fight for survival
The Neem tree takes on every rival
And over time it has built
An arsenal for blight and wilt.
And now these chemicals are prized
Above those that are synthesized.
Harsh side effects can be spared
When we use what was prepared
So carefully by evolution.
A naturally contrived solution.
In India now the greatest news is
Neem has been put to many uses
Our market now is hundred crore
Or perhaps a little more,
But if we get our act just right
A thousand crore is in our sight.
For our foreign friends and scholars,
That is two hundred million dollars.
And difficult as it may seem
That could be the scope for Neem
If government could pave the way
Encourage us and not say nay,
They could save urea for the nation
By easing the strict regulation.
All we need is a simple noting
That would permit urea coating
With just a modest rise in price.
Then farmers could produce more rice
And save the environment as well
If we could be allowed to sell
Pre-coated urea with ease of use.
And please spare us another excuse.
We can't afford to go slow.
China already has plans to grow
Neem trees on a grandiose scale.
In comparison our efforts pale.
In the next few days, we have in store
Discussions on all this and more.
And we are sure you'll be inspired,
Your imagination will be fired.
And it is not enough to preach
If we really want to reach
An appropriately ambitious goal
Each of us must play a role.
If Neem is to reach its potential
I think it is most essential
That each of us has a dream
In which the wondrous worth of Neem
Is used to improve our health
And bring prosperity and wealth.
And if this message has been heeded
This conference would have succeeded.

by Nadir Godrej
(Managing Director, Godrej Industries Limited & Chairman, Godrej Agrovet Limited)

Neem, Azadirachta indica A. Juss (Meliaceae) is a versatile and important tree of the Indian sub-continent. It’s one of the most suitable and valuable tree species for tropical and subtropical regions. Truly speaking Neem is an amazing tree. Its uses are enormous as well as it has multifaceted nature. Today, it has been recognised as having the most potential of any tree of the globe due to its evergreen nature and ability to grow even in the most arid and nutrient deficient soils. Neem has found its glory worldwide due to its diverse range of actions and uses. Neem’s importance is immense due to its distinctive and extraordinary valuable and promising characteristics useful for agriculture, human & animal health, and environment.

There is a huge market of Neem based products world-wide. Neem’s highest demand is in the pesticide and fertilizer industry. Over the last 20 years the global price of Neem seed has gone up from Rs300/ ton (US$ 4.5) to more thanRs8000/ ton (US$125). Today Neem based Cosmetics and Personal care products are in great demand throughout the world. Neem industrialization has good potentiality.

Commercial Applications Of Neem Tree - Sustainable Plantation

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