Neem as Organic Fertilizer & Neem Coated Area


Traditionally de oiled cake is used as a fertilizer as well as a soil amendment. It serves two purposes as a fertilizer and as an insect/pest repellent. Neem leaves also are used for the enrichment of the soil. 



Farmers should use 'neem-coated' urea as it helps in increasing the yield with minimum use. Plants cannot absorb nitrogen found in urea to its fullest. As a result a large part of it goes waste, and pollutes the ground water. By increasing the utility factor of nitrogen through neem-coated urea, the consumption of urea can be reduced. Earlier Indian government allowed fertilizer firms to produce neem-coated urea up to 35% of total capacity of their plants. But recently government meant compulsory mandate to coat the 100% urea. The Indian government is promoting production of neem-coated urea in a big way to improve nitrogen-use efficiency. Supply of neem-coated urea is expected to increase in the coming years.